Downtime is the Enemy
Your ABB Robot Specialists Keep You Running

Alaark Robotics provides free technical support service for ABB robot systems from S2 generation through the S4Cplus series. Please call our technical support service from 7:00 AM CST to 6:00 PM CST.

When a robot goes down and time is money, our service team is prepared to respond immediately.

  • Repair ABB Robots' Mechanical and Electrical Components
  • Exchange on ABB Robots' Mechanical and Electrical Components
  • Refurbished ABB Robots Systems and Components for Sale
  • Memory Upgrades and Wrist Conversions
  • Reconditioning Service on your ABB Robots
  • Complimentary Technical Support

Alaark Robotics specializes in ABB Robots industrial robot systems. Our team has over 75 years of experience supporting ABB robotics systems. We service and sell refurbished robots and components for all ABB industrial robot systems. We offer two types of repair services tailored to your specific needs: Repair & Return or Exchange Part Service on all ABB Robots electrical and mechanical components. Alaark Robotics has unsurpassed knowledge, experience, and resources allowing us to offer unparalleled service and support. We take pride in setting the highest standards by providing quality workmanship and quick turnaround at competitive rates.

Please call our parts center for emergency after hours component part service:
Hot line call (414) 698-1417